Our goal for collaboration and partnership is to enhance scientific and commercial values of medical advancement. We view all partners and collaborators as our extended colleagues, whether they are medical corporations with worldwide operations or medical research institutions and health organizations with commitments to improve healthcare 
policy and develop new healthcare solutions.


Collaboration with CMDA:


VSRI collaborates with CMDA on national disease registries, including CCMR (China Cardiometabolic Registries) and CCDR (China Chronic Disease Registries). These registries have been established with following common objectives: 
1. Continuously assess gaps between the guideline and real world practice 2. Systemically assess optimal therapeutic pathways and clinical outcomes 3. Enhance the use of hospital electronic medical record systems 4. Improve the quality and efficiency of patient care 5. Enhance the surveillance and values of medical advancement 
​VSRI also collaborates with CMDA on annual international conference, (CORE Summit), focusing on education, advocating, and sharing insight and experience in outcomes research. VSRI and CMDA jointly organize a national training program, certifying skills and knowledge in performing clinical-based research. The target audience includes clinicians, nurses, research staff, and anyone who are interested in joining the field of clinical research coordination.